Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bayeux Stitch

I'm making a pair of cuffs for a new gown.  Normally I tend to wear working woman's clothing because I like to play around with dye pots, bread making, cooking fires, spinning and weaving.  If I get a stain on a washable kitchen tunic, I don't tend to care. This gown will be a little bit nicer, yet not by any means high status.  It's a madder pink colour and will have grey/buff linen embroidered cuffs.  Possibly an embroidered neckline too, but I may get distracted by then so I'm only focusing on the cuffs, mainly because cuffs will show whereas if I'm wearing a veil, the embroidered neckline probably won't.

I'm using the Bayeux stitch for the embroidery.   I like the Bayeux stitch, which is my main reasoning for this, although it is a good, Anglo-Saxon embroidery stitch.  There isn't a lot of evidence it was used on clothing but 68 metres or so of evidence that it was at least used..    The threads are wools.  I didn't dye or spin these.  They are commercial yarns that are pure wool but machine washable for convenience.  The centre beasts are not only reversed but the colours will be reversed as well, with one being black with white and the second being white with black.  I might actually get this dress done in time for an in kit day sometime this coming spring or summer.

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