Monday, June 20, 2011


On Sunday, we were finally able to get to the longhall.  We were warned the grass was over knee high.  I believe however that it grew between that warning and when we got there as really, it was thigh high grass.   One of the members brought a scythe and a sickle.  Later in the afternoon, a second scythe arrived.   The grass was cut, placed into nice piles.  We then made stooks or shocks of the grass, so it would dry nicely.  The owners of the farm are sheep farmers and will be able to use our hay stooks for feeding the sheep this winter.

One of our members took a course on how to make a cob oven.   We've had plans for one in our kitchen area.  The skeletal frame is up and we're ready to put the roof on.   With a tape measure and some innovative thinking, we figured out where the best place for the oven will be.  Now we just have to figure out how high to make our tables/work surfaces.   We had waist high in mind.  That however turns out to mean very different things to different people..  31 inches for me and 45 inches for our tallest members.   We're still working on that one!