Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hood Project Update

It's off the loom!  Finally.  If I hadn't decided to spin the fibre, it would have been done ages ago, but since I did, my projected timeline got skewed by a variety of things. It really shouldn't have taken so long to weave off.  I think the lack of colour and the time of year got in the way of that, as well as a couple of SCA events and my Master Spinner 2 class.   It doesn't matter though, it's done.  I will wet finish it and dig out my hood pattern.  Winter is here you know, and a hood is a good way to keep warm!


Marled said...

Oh, what a surprise! Someone weaving a spin patterend clothh too. Please take a look at mine, for a celtic tunic!

Brahva said...

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Ultimate Joy to you and yours,

(LaurieLee Mills)

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