Friday, November 19, 2010

Hood Project

Of our group members, virtually all of us are weavers of some fashion, whether we're experienced or not.  We got together late this summer and decided that we would do a group project challenge by weaving yardage, ostensibly for Saxon hoods.   We set dates for getting the warp wound, loom dressed and fabric woven off.   The first two dates came and went, with most if not all of us not meeting our deadlines.    One of us had to back out due to school commitments - Master's degrees come before playing.   Another had life get busy and hated the project currently on her loom.  She found it difficult to weave off, until she finally changed it.  Changing the tie up made the project fun again, because she isn't fond of twills.   A third cryptically said that her warp hated her..  I'll leave that one up to your imagination as much as mine came up with some brilliant scenarios.  Me, I kept putting things off due to Master Spinner homework, then the next Master Spinner course and finally because I was spinning and weaving my fibres.  I'd made a small change which resulted in a major increase in yarn needed, so I had to do lots more spinning.

It seemed like it took me forever to dress the loom.   Just getting back into the swing of weaving after a few months hiatus was difficult.  Once I really sat down and started threading heddles, it only took a couple of days though.   I've somewhere abouts 670 some threads, so while not a massive project, it's big enough.  

Yesterday I finished winding the yarn on and did my test weaving.   Today, if I actually get myself to my bobbin winder, I can start weaving!   I present the first half of my Saxon spin patterned hood project.. now to hopefully get it woven off before the 2nd Sunday in December.